Resistance bands are the only equipment you need to stay in shape this summer

Do you want a workout that you can go to? Summer is a popular time to travel. However, being on vacation does not mean that you have to take a vacation from your healthy habits.

Whether you’re spending time on shore, road-tripping in Pokmon or jet-setting abroad, you’ll want a pump-up routine that’s fast, convenient and accessible. And one of the most portable pieces of exercise equipment that you should never leave home without is a versatile resistance band.

Resistance bands are cheap and lightweight, which makes them the perfect travel companion. And with a little creativity, this small but powerful muscle builder is the only toning tool needed to perform endless exercise options, from strength training to stretching those sore spots. Another advantage of resistance bands is that they are lighter in sensitive joints than bulky gym equipment or free weights.

Here are my three favorite Total Body Resistance Band Exercises to pack with you on your summer trip. You will need a long resistance band and a looped one. Both can be purchased from Amazon, Target or Walmart.


Sit down and start wrapping your long resistance band around the center of the foot so that the length at each end is equal.

Row display.

Row display.

Courtesy of Ashley Blake Greenblatt

Stretch your legs and keep your back straight by pulling straight on both sides of the band until the elbows and ribs are crossed. Squeeze the shoulder blades for two counts, then release. Repeat 15 times.

Lungi fly

Start by positioning your long resistance band on the back so that it rests on the shoulder blades. Hold one end with each hand. Adjust the legs to a stable lunge position where the knees form a 90 degree angle, above the front knee ankle.

Extend the arms to the side of the body at shoulder height. When you stand up from your lunge pose, bring the arms together until they are parallel. Repeat this sequence 10 times, then change legs.

Lateral walking

Place the band loop just above the knee. It should be smooth and even.

Lateral walking display.

Lateral walking display.

Courtesy of Ashley Blake Greenblatt

With the weight of your heels, return the body to the buttocks to squat. Stay at the bottom because you have two big steps to the left and then two big steps to the right. Repeat for 30 counts (15 per leg).

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